On site technical consulting

RIC technicians are available for the commissioning and maintenance of your rolling stock on a worldwide scale. We provide employee training along with our long-term maintenance contracts so you can optimize the availability and reliability of your motive power and railcar fleet. RIC also offers a consulting service covering the acquisition and management of critical part and consumable inventories; the design and optimization of preventive maintenance programs; the evaluation and the development of scope of work for rolling stock major overhauls. Finally, we provide expertise in terms of equipment and tooling needed in the workshop to maintain a high level of safety, quality and efficiency.

Rolling stock refurbishment

RIC offers design services for a partial or complete overhaul. When the frame of a locomotive is still in good condition, it is possible to refurbish or rebuild key components such as diesel engines, traction motors, electronic boards… RIC also offers a repair/return service, “UTEX” exchange and “OUTRIGHT” reconditioning.

Obsolete parts reproduction

Some locomotives that have reached the end of their useful life become immobilized due to the failure of one or more components that are no longer available on the market due to obsolescence. In most cases, we can replace these missing parts with modern alternatives or even faithfully reproduce them.

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