North American subsidiary of the CIM Group for more than 25 years, RIC possesses an established network of partners and suppliers as well as maintaining a complete inventory of spare and commodity parts. Strategically located a short distance away from the Port and the International airport of Montreal and with a seasoned logistics and technical team, RIC can meet most requests, large or small.

CIM, a historical and international player in the rail and urban transport for more than 45 years, is active in several sectors of the railway industry such as design, installation and commissioning of maintenance workshops; supply of rolling stock and spare parts; track material and equipment...

Several CIM subsidiaries are active around the world.

  • CIM
  • SEG
  • LAF
  • Mechan
  • RIC


For over 25 years, RIC has supplied millions of high performance spare parts and tooling to the rail industry worldwide. Our logistics and technical team is committed to finding the best solution for your needs.

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