Along with the best quality material, we provide comprehensive technical support and guidance that will assure the best quality end products.

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All of our shipments are subject to strict quality control inspection prior to expediting. Reception of material is always subject to inspection for count, quality and authenticity. Keeping in close contact with a client’s logistics department and/or designated forwarder, RIC ensures that all documentation and transportation requirements are properly met. We provide our clients with detailed status reports on all goods expedited, also detailed outgoing packing lists and transport bills of lading. We work with professional freight forwarders that have a good track record against claims. Below is a list of tasks involved in completing a shipment.

  • Equipment handling
  • Order consolidation
  • Shrink wrapping and/or wax paper protection against rust
  • Skidding for domestic shipments
  • Crating for export shipments
  • Packaging supplies
  • Stencil markings on crates
  • Logistics